Welcome to the start of your new adventure!

Buckle up, we’ve got things to do and people to meet. You made it through the wilderness of college/ sixth form, now it’s time for your new life to begin… Whether you want to be crowned the next MVP or you want to get elbows deep in activism, there’s a list of activities to get through that was built just for you. We know you want to dive right into the deep end, so we’ll do the hard work for you – all you have to do is choose a direction!

Get Involved

With so much to get stuck into you’ll be spoilt for choice! You can join, Sports Clubs, Societies and get volunteering experience, just head to our Get Involved pages.

Show me!

Meet people

Events are back! It just wouldn’t be Freshers’ without a bit of a party… Explore Huddersfield and learn new skills with our events, relax and make new friends in student accommodation and live it up and forget your worries with a great soundtrack.


Get sporty

Are you a hands on person, wanting to be right in the middle of the scrum in rugby? Or do you like to take your time to shoot your shot so you can hit a bullseye in archery? Either way, we’ve got the sport for you. It’s the perfect way to pick up a new skill and join a team where everyone’s got your back.

Sports Clubs

Join in

If you’d rather be having a chat than getting sweaty, why not join a Society? With over 150 to choose from ranging from hobby-based (including everything from gaming to knitting!) to academic study groups, there’s sure to be something that takes your fancy.

Join in

Make a difference

Are you absolutely itching to make a difference in Huddersfield and beyond? Join one of our Campaign Networks and meet with students of diverse backgrounds to challenge inequality. Today, we change life on campus, tomorrow – the world!


The local scene

Our town might seem small but we’re the home of some great independent bars, coffee shops and businesses. Why not pop down to The Parish and grab some locally sourced food?


We also boast some amazing nightlife. It’ll be a bit different this year but Wednesday is still student night in town! You can get all sorts of discounts, keep your eyes peeled.


Just because you know how to play hard doesn’t mean you can’t work hard too. The Library puts on some great events throughout the year, including Broaden My Bookshelf, which focuses on making the curriculum more diverse.


How are you supposed to get a feel for Welcome Festival without a little colour?

See our photo gallery below to have a look at some of things Huddersfield can offer.

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