Get Involved

Get Involved

Whether you’re new to university and don’t know anyone, a final year student who wants to try something new, or a postgraduate researcher needing a good break away from your thesis, at Huddersfield Students’ Union we have lots of opportunities to get involved! Our What’s on Wednesday’s project is all about getting students and researchers involved with extracurricular activities through the Students’ Union – whether they have thought about joining a club or society, or just not had the courage to. We hope that through What’s on Wednesdays, you will feel more welcome at university and be able to make lots of new friends!

Mindful Colouring

Make new friends and network

Some things are a cliché because they’re true. One of them is that you will make friends for life getting involved with activities on campus. And why wouldn’t you? You will be alongside people who share your passion for having fun and discovering new things that The Students’ Union offers.

Shared passion, shared experiences and an understanding of what you are going through (hey, we all need someone to vent to if we didn’t feel an exam went 100 per cent right) – that’s a pretty good recipe for making friends. Plus, with the What’s on Wednesday’s you’ll get tons of opportunities to socialise outside the classroom and a break away from research. From social events and outreach get-togethers. There’s plenty of fun to be had

One of the best things about your uni friends is that they also become an instant professional network. You’ll all be plugged into the latest developments in your industry, so when you graduate, you’ll know where the action is. Your university mates could become your colleagues as well. How cool is that?

A space away from lectures

Being a student and researcher can be hectic, so why not take a break and enjoy our Wednesday events? We aim to make your time at university as fun, enjoyable, and stress-free as possible, so we’ve developed a list of amazing activities in which you can get involved in. It is essential to take a break from the hustle and bustle of lecture theatres and long hours of thesis writing, which is why What’s on Wednesday’s gives a perfect opportunity to learn something new and meeting new people. You may not always be able to leave campus, so What’s on Wednesday’s gives you the opportunity to have a coffee, cake, or join in a fun filled activity organised by the events team, so you are sure to find something that is right for you.

We understand that the academic bubble can be a little hard to adjust to and it’s natural to worry about your time management. Too much time spent on your studies and your social life will dwindle. Joining sports groups, societies, and volunteering, on the other hand, ensures that you achieve a healthy balance between your studies and your social life. It will also make you a stronger candidate for graduate positions by providing you with several practical examples to utilise in job applications to demonstrate your abilities. Extracurricular activities may also teach you something new about yourself and allow you to use your talents and knowledge in new situations (Sounds perfect, right?).

No commitment

Life is busy enough without having to stress about missing out on events. With What’s on Wednesday’s there are no commitments to pay for anything, turn up when you have time and enjoy an afternoon of fun-filled activities. As long as you’re having fun and getting involved that’s all that matters to us!

Getting involved will also teach you time management, leadership, and organisation, which are all abilities you can gain from being a part of a society. Understanding that there is more to university than simply your subject is the first step toward being a contributing member of society. Yes, earning a decent degree is critical, but improving your abilities in areas other than academics will help you stand out in – as well as make you a more rounded person in general. You’ll learn to prioritise, speak out, and, perhaps most significantly, step outside of your comfort zone to try new things.

Activities and new things to try out every Wednesday!