Need help finding accommodation? HudLets is here for you.

HudLets gets you the best offers for your accommodation. They offer a range of services suited for students, including family accommodation, private studios and shared accommodation. Housing has never been easier to sort out with help from HudLets.


Visit HudLets for more information on how to find the perfect accommodation for your budget.

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Here at HudLets we offer competitively priced halls accommodation for you whilst you are studying at the University of Huddersfield. Perfect for students looking to experience student life.

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Looking for more privacy? Here are HudLets we also offer private studio accommodation to students looking total independence while at University.

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Down time

While university life doesn’t have to be that hectic thing you want to get away from, sometimes you need a bit of fresh air. Being located right in the heart of the town centre means we have great relationships with local businesses. If you need to unwind, there are so many great spots to sit and get a coffee after a lecture. In Huddersfield, you’re never far from greenery either. A short walk will get you far away from the hustle and bustle, where you can just listen to nature. There’s even a full-on canal going right through campus!

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